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November 27, 2008
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Nov 27, 2008, 7:26:26 PM
TMNT:: girl talk:: by Inner-D TMNT:: girl talk:: by Inner-D
This was going to be soo simple, like...just one layer of color and that was it, but I got carried away. When I finished I wasn't sure if I wanted to put the conversation there but then it wouldn't make scense why Venus is sad .

And of who are they talking about ? OF WE, THE FANS, OF COURSEE!

Mona is trying to cheer up Venus after all the bashing that her character is victim of.

...-o- but Mona wouldn't know about not been liked! , she is soooo beloved by the fandom, amazing what this girl accomplished with just a cool dessing and one episode in the series.

...XD I'm been a little hypocrite drawing something like this, because I also used to hate Venus. I still don't like some things about her, and what the producers were trying to do including her in the series, but some fanwork of others artists here, in deviantart ,have changed my mind a little bit about her. Besides is not like is the girl's fault that the show where she was included sucked so much.

But we, the fans, can make things better for her, like some are already doing ^_^.

...and yeah, I really like how this came out, it has it's mistakes, but whatever. (...D: I forgot the yellow part in Mona's tail, I hope you can forgive me!)

...I write too much in the comments, I know.
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People seem to like her more in fanfics or in fanart more than the show.
Mew HAHHA YES IT IS I A VENUS DE MILO HATER i hate her with a pashion and my life. FEAR TO MONA-LISA my sister hates you.
Inner-D Jun 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hahaha well I guess I can't blame you for hating her...she was pretty annoying :P
I never saw Next mutation mostly because i'm not too big on live action tmnt stuff; but I have seen and I do understand why venus wasn't well liked..however; even a character who was poorly written can still be loved, plus the writters didn't know what the hell they were doing. If there were proper adjustments i'm sure she'd be better.
Although I'm a bit of hypocrite to be saying this (also not a huge Venus fan, though mainly because of the show), poor Venus, but I'm glad Mona is there to comfort her.
Finally, some pro venus work that addresses the hard facts!

I remember not minding Venus when I was younger with my only gripe being she didn't wear like--a bra or anything. I always thought it was weird that they could get away with that,but I wasn't complaining about it either.

She had some really great physical attributes, like her bandana being braided and the use of bicep bands instead of elbow pads. Top that off with her constant confusion of Western culture (calling the Sewers 'the toilet') and lots of mix ups with phrases 'this is cold!' instead of 'cool' or 'we were milked!' instead of 'creamed'.

She had awesome potential, but the backstory of 'oh btw, there was a 5th turtle, lol you guys didn't need to know' was kind of lame and simple. I hope she is reintroduced in the new Nick series with perhaps a better, more original backstory. Mona too!
xGhostwriterx Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah yes, we fans can be so brutal sometimes. =_=;

I actully was one of those who liked both these characters. I do think that they weren't handeld that well at times, but I still like the charcters.
Great work. :clap:
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